Modern Warfare® Games of Summer Gunfight Tournament

10 Gunfight Tournament Tips

Mastery of Gunfight helps you in every other mode, by emphasizing the importance of alertness and situational awareness. And it doesn’t hurt that in the tournament the further you get, the greater the rewards. Here are ten tips to help you come out on top.

10. Two Rounds then Switch. Every loadout change can be an opportunity to play the map in a different way. Consider everything you’re given and think up a new opening strategy.

9. Watch the Skulls… When your teammate goes down, a skull indicator will show you where they fell. There’s a good chance that the enemy will still be nearby, so approach with caution and avenge your ally.

8. …and the Red Indicator. When you or your teammate spots an enemy, a red indicator will show the area where the enemy was spotted. Just like with skull indicators, the enemy may still be in the area, so stay alert.

7. Work Together. Talk to each other. Discussing your opening moves and calling out enemy positions makes a huge difference in your ability to win Gunfight matches.

6. Use Your Secondary. This even goes for your fists if you don’t have an actual secondary. Use the best available weapon depending on the situation and your preferred playstyle.

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