Mode Recon: One in the Chamber

The fun party mode debuts in Modern Warfare! Read on for complete rules, strategies, and tips to coming out on top in One in the Chamber. 

Rules of Engagement

One in the Chamber is a Free-For-All mode where each player begins the match with a single bullet in their randomly select weapon. All players are given the same handgun. You can only resupply your ammo by getting a kill either with your gun, melee, or Finishing Move. There are no Field Upgrades, perks, or Killstreaks in this mode. You have three lives and earn points for getting kills and surviving longer than other players. Each kill earns you an additional bullet, and the player with the most points wins the game. 

Strategies for One in the Chamber

One of the Chamber relies on accuracy and agility above all else to outsmart opponents during engagements. While you should anticipate and be wary of crossfire, if you can win the majority of your head to head battles you might find yourself near the top of the leaderboard at the end of every match.

Staying on the move is extremely important in One in the Chamber. Once the numbers dwindle down to three remaining players, a UAV periodically sweeps the map revealing your position. If the game starts to reach a standstill (30 seconds since the last death), a UAV sweep will reveal the positions of all players in the game. If this happen expect an attack and always be on your guard when entering interiors as players may be laying in wait. It’s a good idea to try and build up your ammo count by getting melee kills. Then if you misfire on an opponent, they may mistakenly assume your chamber and expose themselves for an easy kill.

Use all maneuvers possible to rack up kills including sliding to evade opponents or taking down distracted enemies. Learn the maps to get a feel for the flow of combat and predict where to find enemies.

Remember, getting the most points wins you the game, not staying alive the longest. So, stay on the hunt and watch your six. After your eliminated, you’ll receive additional XP bonuses if the player you spectate gets a kill.


Map Specific Tips


Gaining the high ground on Rust may not be the best strategy. If you miss your first shot, you’ll be unable to get any additional kills without exposing yourself by dropping down. Use the Containers on both sides of the map, the initial spawns, and the Oil Derrick as ideal environmental set pieces to strategically fight around.


Various areas of Hardhat take place on an incline, so make sure you always have the upper hand, literally. Shooting down at an opponent is often easier and more controlled than shooting up.

Zhokov Scrapyard

An abandoned plane hull is the perfect place to find an enemy. Just be careful to not to get overwhelmed by enemies when traipsing through this aircraft boneyard. 

Key Tactics and Tips for One in the Chamber

1.      Melee Mode. Don’t just go to the melee when the chamber is empty but consider it the first option in any fight. If you can stack up your bullets, you’ll give yourself a better chance of winning the game.

2.      Running on E. If you know you’re out of ammo, you have to adjust your strategy. Your goal should be to bait your opponent into misfiring to level the playing field. Use the environment to your advantage to melee an unsuspecting foe.

3.      Patience. If you don’t have a good line of sight on an opponent, it’s better to wait for the ideal shot. Most likely you only have one bullet, so make it count.

4.      Aggressive. There’s an advantage to staying on the attack, especially when lives are limited. If someone is playing over cautious, don’t be reckless, but close the distance and aim with precision to finish them off.

5.      Aim. Maybe the most important aspect of One in the Chamber, make sure all your shots are aligned and on target. If you’re lucky enough to have earned a second bullet use that surprise follow-up shot for any misfires.

Watch your back and have fun playing One in the Chamber.

Stay Frosty.

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