Mobile Opens the Forge – New Season is Live Now

Unlock the HBRa3 and KRM-262 through Seasonal Challenges

The DR-H won’t be the only weapon that’s being crafted by The Forge.

During the Season, expect to see two challenges that will allow you to unlock common versions of two weapons from previous seasons.

Earnable in the previous Ranked Mode with a Rare camo, the base HBRa3 assault rifle will be available to unlock via a Seasonal Challenge.

The other weapon – the KRM-262 Shotgun – first appeared all the way back in Season 3. Now within The Forge, a base version (common camo) of this pump-action pulverizer is yours to earn through an upcoming challenge.

Wield Cold Steel with the Katana Operator Skill

This Season bring a knife to a gunfight and earn the Katana Operator Skill.

A weapon that can slice enemies in a single blow and detect them through the thickest of smoke, this new Operator Skill can be unlocked in its own event the Katana Kill.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can unlock this new Operator Skill and how to chop up the competition with it.

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