It’s About Time – A Hands-On Look at the Game

Chilling on Snow Way Out

The first experience of this hands-on look is Snow Way Out, set in the 11th Dimension circa 1954. During the demo, this level teaches basic mechanics of how to play the game. Movement, jumping, spinning, and wumping are all taught before you get into real danger.

Another mechanic taught in the level’s beginning involves a Quantum Mask known as Kupuna-Wa, AKA the Time Mask, who upon activation, slows down time on everything except Crash. Again, like moving, jumping, and spinning, there is a quick optional practice moment before the real test begins:

An exclamation point (“!”) box and four outlines of boxes appear before our bandicoot. If the “!” box is hit, the four outlines turn into real boxes for only a single second. Activate Kupuna-Wa, to expand that single second, and see if that bandicoot can smash those four crates in time to get that sweet, sweet Wumpa fruit inside.

The elements seen in previous Crash games are all here. You’ll encounter temporary platforms, TNT and Nitro Boxes, enemies that will destroy bandicoots in the wackiest ways possible, and plenty of Wumpa fruit to collect and boxes to break, both within the main path and the optional Bonus Path.

Mid-way through the level, the story progresses; Crash and Coco have caught up to the nefarious Doctor Neo Cortex in this zombie frozen fisherman village. Unfortunately, he had enough time to rig a ship for a massive explosion… And while his timing was way, way off, he at least sent ice chunks cascading down waterfalls to make these bandicoots’ lives more difficult.

And so, our heroes continue to jump, spin, and wump across platforms like before, while also using the powers of Kupuna-Wa to slow down enemy attacks or falling ice platforms for safer passage.

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