Dual Kodachis: How to Unlock the Deadly Swords in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

Top 5 Dual Kodachis Challenge Tips


5. Cutting Up Verdansk. Snipers and campers beware. This loadout is built on the idea of using the Combat Knife to quickly engage and dismantle enemy squads huddled up in buildings and on rooftops, focused on the streets below and unaware of their impending doom. It’s best used in Trios or Quads where you’re more likely to run into bigger groups.

Primary Weapon: SMG with Tactical Suppressor (to remain silent when forced into ranged combat)

Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife (mandatory)

Perk 1: Cold-Blooded (to negate enemies using the High Alert perk)

Perk 2: Ghost (keep off enemy radar)

Perk 3: Spotter (to spot clustered equipment, a good sign of nearby enemies)

Lethal Equipment: Any

Tactical Equipment: Heartbeat Sensor (another helpful tracking tool along with Spotter)

Head to areas with tall buildings or other sites where you’re likely to find enemy players grouped up and covering the outer perimeter. Downtown Tavorsk and Verdansk Hospital are prime candidates, and you might try out the Stadium, too, to catch enemies from behind who are shooting down into the pitch.

4. Dead Silence. In Multiplayer, Dead Silence is the perfect Field Upgrade for closing in on enemy players without stomping around and giving up your position at the last second. Even better, melee kills refresh its duration, perfect for landing one takedown after another.

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