Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Spotter Scope

Five Tips for Expert Spotting

5. Flank and Spot. Send the player with the Spotter Scope to the nearest vantage point to scan for enemies while the team loots up. When the spotter calls out incoming, approach the marked enemies from a different angle and then attack in force from both sides. Oh, and share that loot.

4. Two Scopes are Better than One. Even if you’ve already got a sniper in the squad, encourage them to take the Spotter Scope anyway. They’ll already be searching for high ground, and it will prevent them from giving up their position.

3. Most Wanted. If you have the Spotter Scope and your squad is geared up, go grab a Most Wanted Contract. Ping enemies attempting the kill and then wipe them out with ease.

2. Switch to Thermal. Having trouble steadying the scope on distant targets? Switch to the thermal setting to up the contrast between the enemy and their environment, assuming they don’t have Cold-Blooded equipped.  

1. Set a Trap. In a heavily populated area? Set up somewhere overlooking a Buy Station, a Contract pickup, or toward the middle of the current collapse zone. Mark out incoming enemies and get the drop on them. 

Stay Frosty.

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