Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Season 01

Of Shoot House’s five Hardpoints, three are chaotic battle zones while two give the advantage to defenders with their placement in the map’s corners.

Right off the break both teams are assigned with capturing the first Hardpoint located dead center of the map. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for the enemy team, to see whether they rush in guns blazing or play more tactically with snipers and flank attacks. Unless you’re sniping, lead in with grenades and consider holding back for a moment so that the enemy is forced to make the first move.

It’s worth fighting like hell for control of the first point, setting the tone of the match, but keep your eyes on that Hardpoint countdown. If you’re still not control in scrap time — the Hardpoint’s final moments before it changes — start moving toward Hardpoint 2 in Shanty Town. As a corner placement, you can set up a strong defense here, only needing to watch north and west. If an aerial streak comes in, head for shelter in the wooden shooting range.

Hardpoint 3 and 4, in Containers and Junkyard respectively, are much more difficult to defend, open as they are to multiple angles of attack. Remember that only one teammate has to be in the Hardpoint to capture it; it may be wiser for others to spread out in the area for better coverage against incoming enemies.

Hardpoint 5, like 2, gives the advantage to the defending team, so it’s worth rotating here early even if you have to give up some points in the preceding Junkyard. Use the Forklift and surrounding walls for cover as you hold the area.

All the Hardpoints are in the open, so aerial streaks like the Precision Airstrike, Cruise Missile, and S.A.E. can do a lot of damage here; use them accordingly when you need to clear out a new point.


Top Tips

1. The More the Merrier. It’s worth sticking near teammates when moving throughout the map, as you’ll often suddenly engage with two or more enemy Operators at a time. Use the minimap to see where your allies are located and move in for support; just don’t get too close or an enemy grenade might eliminate the lot of you.

2. Double Time. Shoot House is a great map for the Double Time Base Perk, as doubling the duration of your Tactical Sprint lets you cross over danger zones with a much greater chance of survival. You’ll also discover how quickly you can cover a lot of ground here. Considering the map’s many mid-height cover options, the increased crouch movement speed doesn’t hurt, either.

3. Take Your Chances. Even if you’re not sure whether there are enemies on the other side, it’s often worth tossing a grenade across Junkyard, from Containers into Back Alley, into the Office, and anywhere else where there are cover objects blocking your line of site into a large area. Due to Shoot House’s compact size, there’s a good chance you’ll catch someone in the blast.

4. Make it a Private Affair. As with many Multiplayer maps, it’s a great idea to load up a solo private match with an infinite time limit. Without the threat of attack, you can really focus on movement, transitioning between areas, and discovering uncommon lines of sight. Now head back into a public match and get blasting.

5. It’s Not Always Sniper Alley. Okay, there aren’t always snipers ready to fire down the center. Though it certainly happens often, it’s a detriment to think of the middle lane as a no man’s zone. If passing through Center or Main Street will help you get to your target more efficiently, it’s worth the risk; you can always toss down a Smoke Grenade first. If you do get taken out, you know where to find them.

6. Take Control of Your Future. The Tactical Insertion can be put to great use here, especially in elevated areas like on top of the red crates in Containers, the wall between Main Street and Junkyard, and atop the concrete storage in Courtyard. The next time you spawn, you’ll start with a height advantage.

7. Use Your Equipment! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your Equipment is invaluable here, especially considering the distinctly compact areas filling the map. It’s good practice to lead in with grenades and any other tools on hand; you’ll get them back on the respawn anyway.

8. In Fact, Rain it Down. Getting a hang of your timing and angles for the most optimum grenade tosses? Take it up a notch with the Resupply Bonus Perk, granting an additional Lethal on spawn in addition to recharging Equipment over 25 seconds. Having a blast? Throw on the Extra Tactical Base Perk, too.

9. This Your First Rodeo? If you’re new to the map, not having played it’s 2019 iteration in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, don’t fret. It’s not about how often you’ve played the map, but how smart you play. In no time you’ll have every nook and cranny at your fingertips and the old vets will feel like they’re playing against one of their own.

10. No Such Thing as Too Much Training. It may be a training facility, but there’s always more to learn here, no matter your Operator’s combat experience. Once you’ve got a handle on the map, experiment with new playstyles and Loadouts to further improve your skillset. There’s always room to improve.


Stay frosty.

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