Call of Duty®: Mobile Weapon Focus Echo

Echo Overview

In Call of Duty: Mobile, the Echo is an automatic shotgun with a large ammo capacity that allows for continuous firing in heated close-range engagements. Rush in, hold down the trigger, and clear the area.

It’s most similar to the Striker, with a few key differences. The Echo boasts a longer effective damage range than the Striker in exchange for a slower firing speed. The weapon’s magazine system also means that you can reload all your shots at once, instead of one by one, a major advantage.

With the Echo you want to keep the enemy within 20 meters whenever possible. It’s highly lethal at close-range, but less effective further out. Of course, if you don’t mind sacrificing some speed you can always extend the Echo’s damage range via attachments like the MIP Extended Light Barrel or OWC Marksman.

The Echo shines in small maps and objective modes like Hardpoint and Domination where you can focus your efforts on a concentrated area. The weapon’s high capacity magazines provide a deep enough ammo pool to fight without worrying about the need to reload mid-skirmish, or rarely at all if you opt for the massive 25 Round Reload attachment.

In the right hands, the Echo becomes an absolute monster of a shotgun that should definitely be incorporated into your loadouts. Using Gunsmith, you can cater to the weapon’s close-quarters combat strengths and make a hip-firing monster or build it out for maximum range to compete at greater distances. 

Gunsmith Configurations

The best Gunsmith configuration is the one that works for you. That said, let’s look at two possible setups, one focused on Multiplayer and the other on Battle Royale. 

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