Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Highrise

Basic Tips

Situational awareness is of paramount importance on Highrise. Success here requires knowing where the greatest threats are coming from and anticipating where future threats may arise. If there’s a shootout between the buildings, take to the tunnels and lower level to avoid sightlines as you approach the enemy position. When the lower level gets packed, toss in grenades and open fire from above. Adapt and thrive.

Players who prefer close-quarters combat will find plenty of opportunities to excel. Shotguns and SMGs can inflict major damage while fighting inside the confines of the buildings, especially when flanking enemies focused on middle map. CQB also reign in the tunnels and narrow lower level, and in various pockets along the ground floor when using cover to surprise nearby enemies.

There’s plenty of room for success with mid-range loadouts, too. Run up to the helipad to get the angle on enemies all over middle map. Stick to the top or bottom of middle map — just make sure your back isn’t pointing toward an enemy occupied building — and strafe between the left and center lane, taking out enemies on the move. In the buildings, keep your back and sides protected by the walls, and pull back to land shots on close-range players from a distance. 

While there’s danger from every angle, snipers and other long-range loadouts can make the most out of Highrise’s most famous long-range spots. Brave players can jump from the helipad to the catwalks, on top of the western elevator and again up and onto the crane for commanding long-range views. When facing the north building, climb up a fallen walkway on its far left and follow the ledge across and up to the top of the building. Make it there alive and you’ll have views over a huge portion of the map.

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