BETA and Earn Rewards in Modern Warfare® III

Show to your squad that you watched the Beta and upgraded your arsenal for Modern Warfare III as these items will be in your inventory at Launch on November 10, 2023*.

Get the “Desk Decor” Loading Screen, “K1LLF33D” Weapon Charm, “Let’s Fight” Weapon Vinyl, and the “Dangerful” Weapon Blueprint.

For more information on linking accounts, see our Managing Your Activision Account support page here and below. 

Players that participate in the Beta have a chance to earn in-game rewards, too. Stay tuned on Call of Duty social and in-game for more information about Modern Warfare III rewards for playing the beta.

*Note that while you will earn the rewards for viewing the Call of Duty: BETA on October 6-16, 2023, they will not be available to use in-game until the launch of Modern Warfare III on November 10, 2023.

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