A Guide to Season Three Trials in Modern Warfare® PT 2

In our first deep dive into Season Three’s Trials, we covered the Gun Course and Marksman Challenge.

Looking for even more XP rewards? Get our tips and tricks on Shooting Range and Risky Parkour to help max out this Season’s Officer Ranks. 

Shooting Range

Locate and shoot all targets in the area as quickly as possible while conserving ammunition.

*** = 0:30

** = 0:45

* = 1:00

Season Three’s two locales for the Shooting Range Trial are Docks and Stack.

These two Shooting Ranges have different target locations and weapon choice, so  the way an Operator should tackle these is wildly different; let’s begin with Docks:

Above show the number of targets in each area – 40 total –  that are found across Docks. Note that there are three targets on top of the bridge, and six under it.

Despite the three targets atop the bridge, consider staying on the ground level. There are no targets deep inside the buildings, and an Operator can easily walk from the starting location to the east and hit every target on the way.

Here’s your arsenal, as well as our recommended picks:

·      Sidearms – Two in total. One has a 13-round mag, which is our recommended secondary weapon.

·      Assault Rifles – Five solid choices. Recommend switching weapon to single fire mode to prevent overshooting.

·      LMG – A slower fire rate compared to assault rifles; not recommended.

On Stack, consider “stacking” (hitting multiple at once) targets with the help of wide-barreled shotguns. Whenever possible, aim down sights and position yourself in front of multiple targets. If you do it right, you can blow away two, three, or even four targets at once.

Your accuracy bonus here can be remarkable – potentially at 200% – which will let you shave serious seconds off your final time.  In other words, with enough practice, you can easily crush the 30 second clear time for a 10,000 XP bonus and then some.

Risky Parkour

Move through each checkpoint and finish the course as quickly as possible. (Destroy mines blocking your path and) Beware of the heavy toxic gas on the low ground.

Risky Parkour is back and riskier than ever thanks to Proximity Mines.

Mines are only present in two of the Risky Parkour variants: Gun Runner and Piccadilly. The other variant of this Trial, Hackney Yard, has you using a Riot Shield against active enemy Operators. 

Hackney Yard

*** = 1:00

** = 1:15

* = 1:30

In theory, this is a super-quick route through the Warehouse of Hackney Yard. However, those four numbered points have active hostiles. 

You can either move when they reload and bash them with the Riot Shield, or use your two Throwing Knives on hand to deal with them from a distance. Be warned: you only get two of them, and if they miss the mark, you may have a hard time getting them back.

The beginning section could trip some players up, as you’ll be walking along the walls for a bit. Tread carefully with your Riot Shield, then, if you can, chuck a Throwing Knife at the first enemy.

The rest of the course is straightforward and forgiving. Just take down those tangos and sprint to the finish.

Gun Runner

*** = 0:54

** = 1:02

* = 1:11

Gun Runner is the first of the two mine-filled Risky Parkour courses and could be described as the easier of the two. 

Note that the red X’s indicate where mines are. You must shoot them before your approach, otherwise, they will pop up and explode, killing you if you are standing up, and badly damaging you if you are crouching.

At start, shoot the first mine before leaving the truck at spawn. This will save you a little bit of time. After hopping into the building, you’ll crawl across the catwalk, shoot another mine, and pop out onto the roof.

When hopping across the trains, try landing on the corners of the red coal cars, as their checkpoints are generous enough to allow you to hit them and jump to the next one. Remember to destroy the mines before jumping, throughout, and avoid touching the ground at all costs. 


*** = 0:45

** = 0:50

* = 1:00

Arguably the hardest of the three parkour courses, Piccadilly will take you across very narrow platforms.

From the start, you should shoot the first two mines: one is directly in front of you, the other is on a police vehicle to the right. 

The homestretch could be described as a gauntlet, with two mines and a few precise jumps across vehicles and crates. Try sweeping the mines first before jumping, and if possible, run as far ahead of the clear time as possible through the first through sections before going through this trickier finish.

Above all else, be careful when making jumps around the map, especially on the central buses. It’s easy to miss platforms or slip down onto the street, where the gas will deal damage and give you a time penalty. 

With these tips, we hope you earn three-star rankings and reap the rewards. 

Feel free to share your best times with the community and stay tuned for more Trials guides in the future.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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